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Gütermann rPET 10 Spool Set - 100% Recycled Polyester


Only 6 pieces in stock!

10 spools of recycled Polyester Sew all thread that offers the same high performance and quality of traditional Gütermann threads to particularly environmentally-aware sewing and crafting enthusiasts. 

 The material for these environmentally friendly threads is provided by recycled beverage bottles made of 100% PET (polyethylenterephtalate). the collected PET bottles are washed and shredded in different stages and the micro-filaments are then used to form the basis of production for the threads. The packaging for these sets are also made from 100% recycled material - even down to the ink! 

Thanks to the Micro Core Technology, environmentally friendly sewing threads with excellent sewing properties can be produced with the existing production facilities and processes, so you never have to sacrifice quality. Available in three different color sets. 

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